Weeks 3, 4, 5 and 6: My 25 Pound Journey

It’s been a while since I blogged about my weight loss journey.  The last time I checked in was after weeks 1 and 2.  The last four weeks have been quite the roller coaster, and I guess it’s been a good experiment on how my body reacts during times that don’t follow a routine.

As a reminder, after week 2 my weight landed on 146 (and I started this journey at 152).  I started using the USANA RESET program, and have continued using their shakes and snacks for some of my meals and vitamins.

Week 3

This was a challenging week.  I normally sleep very good, but this particular week I was only getting a few hours each night.  After the 3rd night of not sleeping well, I started drinking coffee again (after being off it for 3 weeks).  I just couldn’t get through the day without a boost.  I also found myself craving more sugar type foods, but I think that was due to my lack of energy from not sleeping.  I also only did yoga twice that week, so I didn’t get much exercise in.  I maintained my diet for the most part:  using a USANA shake for one or two meals and making healthy choices for the rest of my meals throughout the day.  I wasn’t very good at taking my USANA vitamins every day.  After the week was over, I was exhausted and up one pound to 147.

Week 4

My sleep finally went back to normal and I was feeling better.  I only had coffee a few times during this week (I love coffee, and it was hard to stop once I started back up).  No headaches or withdrawals on the days I did not drink coffee, so that was positive.  I stayed on the same meal plan for most of the days, but I definitely skipped my vitamins.  I also had a few cheat days.  It was Craig’s birthday that week, so we ended up going out for two big meals (we stuffed our faces with yummy food).  I also had some Oreos and milk one day after dinner.  I only did yoga 2 times that week.  At the end of week 4, my weight was still 147.  But after all the overeating and lack of exercise, I was just glad I didn’t gain weight.

Week 5

I continued on with the USANA plan, and only had coffee about twice that week.  But I had cheat days when I met up with friends (it’s hard for me to order salad at a restaurant!!).  I did yoga 3 times and walked once.  I did not weigh myself this week (I was nervous to see 147 again).  So I have no idea where I ended up.

Week 6

Another chaotic week.  I spent almost three entire days in Tucson (two hotel meals consisted of peanut butter french toast… so delicious!), and I had one lunch date with friends (tofu sandwich with yummy basil mayo on it).  This week I did not use my USANA products that much, due to my traveling and schedule.  And I definitely did not take any vitamins.  And I only had time to get one yoga workout in (but I’m so getting better at this yoga thing!!  I’m feeling stronger and more flexible!).  Earlier in the week I weighed 144 (shocked by the drop), but I ended at 145 when the week was over.   BUT, the pants I like to wear when I shoot weddings felt way more comfortable and looser.  I was excited for that!

In summary…

My eating and schedule has been inconsistent, so I expected my weight loss to be inconsistent.  If I focus on the last four weeks, it appears I only dropped 1 pound.  But 7 weeks ago when I started this journey, I was 152.  And I lost 7 pounds total from my start day.  So I’m happy averaging 1 pound a week.  I think that is healthy.  I didn’t go into this hoping for a quick fix.  I wanted results that would last, and a plan that was realistic to my lifestyle.   These next few weeks I am going to focus on being more consistent using the USANA shakes and vitamins, and getting more yoga into my schedule.  And fitting into more wedding clothes!  :o)


Roxana Bader - May 29, 2012 - 12:08 pm

Keep going Danielle ! Don’t give up.

Heather - June 1, 2012 - 9:47 pm

I have faith you’ll succeed. After our coffee date gosh forever ago it seems I decided to join the gym three months ago. I’ve lost 3 lbs of body fat when I weighed in last month but no weight loss. But the trainer says that’s normal since I’m gaining muscle mass. So I’ve increased my cardio and lowered my weight training and have cut my carb intake to breakfast and lunch, no sugar, or fruits and one free anything goes day a week; which I love! So far, I’ve lost five pounds in three months. I’m pleased that I’m losing the weight.

I thought you were beautiful before but we are all our own worse critics so keep up your diet babe…if I can do it I absolutely know you can! Miss you! :)

Jennifer - May 27, 2013 - 8:27 am

Just came across your blog as I have just started the Usana Rest Program. I was wondering how you had made out with your weight loss?

danielle - June 20, 2013 - 11:19 pm

I just did an update on the blog!!

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