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I’ve known the Bowers family for many years now. I photographed their wedding and now I get to see them every year for family photos. I love these guys!

They have a three year old daughter, who is the absolute cutest. However, working with a three year old can be a little challenging because kids at that age have their own agenda. It’s usually easier to let them to run the show, and the rest of us follow their lead. The Bowers already knew this and came prepared with bubbles, a tricycle, a change of clothes, and snacks. With no expectations other than to have fun, we were able to get some awesome photos.

phoenix family photographer

family photographer phoenix

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phoenix family photographer

I normally don’t continue shooting when the sun goes down, but I was having fun and it was a rare opportunity to get some unique photographs. There was a concert going on at the park with many food trucks lined up on one side. I spotted the pink Bites Donuts truck and immediately recognized an opportunity for some super cool pictures.

Bites Mini Donuts Arizona
phoenix documentary family photographer
phoenix family documentary photography
phoenix family documentary photographer

phoenix family documentary photography

After taking photos by the food truck, I now have a new dream. How awesome would it be to photograph a family hanging out at the Phoenix fair for the day?!  Any takers out there?

By now the sun was completely down and the only available light was the street lamps and overhead lighting on the playground. I didn’t bring my flash because I didn’t think I would need it (I normally don’t shoot in the dark).  I did my best and got a few keepers.

This last photo cracks me up. You can tell everyone was tired and ready to be done. I love the look on both of their faces!

Thank you Bower family!  I had a blast and can’t wait to see you next year!

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