What to Expect:

I'm a family photojournalist at heart, so all of my sessions are built around the idea of capturing honest experiences and preserving real memories. 

I do adhere to photojournalism rules when I am documenting families. Photojournalism means the photographer cannot change or manipulate the environment. The photographer cannot change the lighting, cannot suggest where their clients should be photographed, cannot manipulate their client's actions, and editing of the final images is very minimal. The goal is to document life as truthful as possible. 

This is different than the types of images you may see from other "lifestyle" photographers. Lifestyle photography means the photographer is in control of the surrounding environment (placing people in the best light) while encouraging natural interactions in order to capture organic moments. These sessions are life inspired, but not true to the photojournalism genre.

I offer Short Sessions (1-2 hours), Half Day Sessions (4-6 hours), and Day in the Life Sessions.  

With each session, we will set aside 20 minutes for regular portraits. I'll make sure we get a few photos of everyone smiling at the camera (this is where I will be more involved with directing you). The rest of the session is dedicated to documenting your family using photojournalism standards.   

I do offer mini sessions, but they are only announced through my newsletter and only offered a few times a year. Mini sessions focus more on posed images with some organic moments, but they are too short to accomplish a true photojournalism experience. You can sign up for my newsletter here. Stay updated on future announcements, giveaways, and other goodies!

5 Random Facts About Me:

  • My last name sounds like "bagel".
  • I don't have real kids, but I consider my dogs and cats my babies.
  • I spend more time in Home Depot than clothing stores (I love DIY and home improvement projects).
  • I gave up caffeine, but couldn't give up my lattes at Starbucks. Thank goodness for decaf! 
  • I'm a night person by nature. I'd rather stay up late and sleep in.