I took a photography class in college, and quickly fell in love with the craft. I worked with black and white film, and spent every weekend developing pictures in the dark room. My friends often joked I was addicted to the photo chemicals (which might have been partly true), but I was actually addicted to the entire process of image making. As the years went on, friends and family told me I should charge for my work. I eventually took their advice, and opened my business in 2008. For years, I photographed families, weddings, pregnant women, babies, pets, headshots, and events. In 2017, I made the decision to focus on what I love most: photojournalism and lifestyle family photography. 


I'm an explorer of light, truth, and consciousness. After a life altering out of body experience in 2015, I see the world much differently than most. The experience has provided me insight into this mysterious world and helped shape my perspective in ways that are hard to describe. I believe we are all powerful beings, on individual paths of awakening to a higher knowing. This experience has changed my perspective on family photography, and has inspired me to experience more authentic moments with my clients.


  1. My last name sounds like "bagel".
  2. I don't like bagels.
  3. I do not have human children, but I count my dogs and cats as my "kids".
  4. I do not want to get married, but I have been with my boyfriend for almost ten years. He is my best friend and I'm grateful for him every day.
  5. I enjoy DIY projects around the house, and I'm pretty awesome with a chop saw.
  6. I used to have dreadlocks, and secretly wish I still had them (pink ones).
  7. If it were appropriate, I would wear pajamas out in public with a pair of UGGs (I may come dangerously close to this some days).
  8. I am older than I look. I bet you can't guess my age!
  9. If it were possible, I would sleep in every day and stay up late every night.
  10. I don't like to cook, but I love to eat!