Short Sessions last 1 - 2 hours, but they aren't your typical phogoraphy session. After spending 20 minutes on your portraits, we will move into an activity (or multiple activities) so I can document your family. This could mean playing on the swings at a park, tossing a football around, blowing bubbles, going out for ice-cream (or donuts), riding bikes, having a picnic, etc. The type of activity is up to your family. Short Sessions can be scheduled anywhere in the valley (it doesn't have to be at your home).


Half Day Sessions usually last 4 - 6 hours. These are great if you are new (and a little nervous) to the idea of photojournalism sessions at home. Half Day Sessions are also great to capture birthday parties, family adventures around town, and other smaller events in your life.  


Day in the Life Sessions are just as they sound...  I'll be with you all day. I'll arrive in the moring before breakfast and leave when the kiddos are tucked into bed. Because the day is long, it's best to treat the day like any other day, allowing the opportunity to authentically document your life.

SESSION INFO | What’s Included:

Every session includes the following:

  • One USB with final images in a custom USB case. 
  • Private online gallery with the option to download, print, and share images (no additional purchases are required).
  • Print release (quality labs will be suggested).
  • Images are ready within 2 - 3 weeks after the session date.

SESSION INFO | What to expect:

I'm a family photojournalist at heart, so all of my sessions are built around the idea of capturing honest experiences and preserving real memories. 

I do adhere to photojournalism "rules" when I am documenting families. Photojournalim means the photographer cannot change or manipulate the environment. The photographer cannot change the lighting, cannot suggest where their clients should be photographed, cannot manipulate their client's actions, and editing of the final images is very minimal. The goal is to document life as truthful as possible. 

This is different than the types of images you may see from other "lifestyle" photographers. Lifestyle photography means the photographer is in control of the surrounding environment (placing people in the best light) while encouraging natural interactions in order to capture organic moments. These sessions are life inspired. Very rarely do I photograph in this way.

With each session, we will set aside 20 minutes for regular portraits. We'll make sure we get a few photos of everyone smiling at the camera (this is where I will be more involved with directing you). The rest of the session is dedicated to documenting your family using photojournalim standards.   


1. Do I have to take posed photos if I book a session? What if I want only photojournalism photos?  

You do not have to take any portraits if you don't want to. I prefer photojournalism photos over posed photos, so that sounds lovely to me. The price will remain the same. 

2. Can I book a regular portrait session?  What if I don't want any documentary images?

At this time, I am no longer booking regular portrait sessions. All of my sessions are focused on documentary images. The only time of year I do "portrait" type sessions are my mini sessions. (see next question)

3. Do you offer mini sessions?

Yes. I offer mini sessions every fall and sometimes in the spring. They cost $250, are 20 minutes each, I choose the location, and you'll get about 15 edited images with a download link (no online gallery and no USB). 

I only announce my mini sessions in my newsletter. The announcement usually comes out around September for fall minis and February/March for spring minis. If you'd like to be on the mailing list, please sign up here.

I very rarely schedule mini sessions any other time of the year, nor do I schedule mini sessions for just one family. If you would like to coordinate a "mini session day" outside of my normal mini session season, you will need to guarentee four families will be in attendance and the date/location/timing will have to work with my schedule.  

4. Do you have a limit on how many people can attend a Short Session? 

I don't have a limit on how many people can show up to a Short Session. HOWEVER, I do have a limit on the number of "regular portraits" I will take prior to starting the documentary images. We aren't going to try and cram 30 different portrait combinations into a 20 minute period. Once we exceed 12 people, we will ignore the "20 minute rule" and instead use a "top 10 list". 

5. I really want to try a home photojournalism session, but I'm scared...  My house is too messy. I'd rather wait for that kitchen remodel. I prefer to lose 10 pounds first. And I think we're a boring family... you'll have nothing to photograph. 

I guess this is where I'm supposed to say, "We don't know what our future holds and there will never be a right time. Besides, these sessions are fun and easy! And I always have something to photograph!".

I've heard all the excuses and I totally get it. The truth is, it doesn't matter what I say because if you don't feel comfortable, it's hard to convince someone to come to your home and take photographs of your life. If it makes you nervouse to do a in home session, try getting your feet wet with a Short Session.    

However, I encourage you to explore what drew you to my photography instead of focusing on any fears. Do you gravitate to the simple, every day moments? Do you like the documentary feel to the images? Can you imagine your own kids and family in simliar photographs? 

Something moved you to get this far. Instead of focusing on any fears, try focusing on your heart and what you feel when you look at my images. Then ask yourself if you deserve the same feeling for yourself. (hint: the answer is yes) 

Do you have more questions?

Feel free to email me at: